Mk7 Golf R says don’t you forget about me

Volkswagen Golf R prototype

Amidst all the talk of the new Volkswagen Golf VII debut and the GTI speculation the range topping Golf R has been spotted out on test duties. Actually, we can probably learn a thing or two about the regular Golf range here too.

If you look closely enough at the image above you can just make out a U-shaped detail in the headlight cluster. Our guess is that’s the new LED daytime running light treatment for the Mk7. Also, beneath the number plate you can see a small dome, which we reckon tells us some new Golf models will feature radar-guided cruise control.

Anyway, back to the R; we can tell (or guess) that this prototype is an R by the quad-tipped exhaust tips. Although, it’s worth noting that would mean an end to the R’s usual centre-exit tips.

If we’ve learnt anything from the Mk7 GTI speculation it’s that the way to predict the power of the new model is to just take a wild stab. With that in mind the first bid for the new Golf R is 280hp (approx 210kW).

[Source: WCF | Pics: Automedia]

Volkswagen Golf R prototype