MINI Australia prices JCW GP from $56,900

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MINI John Cooper Works GP

30 GPs have been allocated to Australia

MINI Australia has just announced sharp pricing for its limited edition John Cooper Works GP. Priced from $56,900 we reckon MINI will have no problems shifting the 30 cars they have managed to secure from the worldwide allocation of 2000 vehicles.

The GP2 is designed to be a track day hot hatch and boasts coilover suspension and six-pot front brakes among its special features. Its 1.6 litre turbo four cylinder engine has strengthened internals and produces 160kW.

Highlighting its sharpened focus, the rear seats and rear wiper have been removed to help keep weight down.

After making some initial inquiries with Rolfe MINI Garage in Canberra we understand all 30 GP2s coming to Australia will be the same specification. There will be no options available to buyers.

“The appeal for hot-hatch aficionados and track day racers will mean the GP edition won’t sit in showrooms for long so interested customers should move quickly,” said MINI Australia General Manager, Kai Bruesewitz.

The first batch of Australian deliveries is scheduled to be built in November for delivery early next year. We understand the remaining allocation will be built in February 2013 for April/May delivery.

MINI John Cooper Works GP

MINI John Cooper Works GP

MINI John Cooper Works GP

Going, Going, Gone: Limited Edition MINI JCW GP Pricing Announced

  • Fastest MINI ever built
  • Race-tuned engine developing 160 kW
  • Track-ready adjustable coil over suspension and high performance brakes
  • 30 cars confirmed for Australia from global production of just 2000 units
  • Priced at $56,900 and arriving in Australia early 2013

MINI Australia today announced pricing and specification for its new limited edition MINI JCW GP and indicated that limited production for Australia is selling fast.

MINI Australia General Manager, Kai Bruesewitz said that with only 30 cars due to make their way down under, demand has been huge and most are already spoken for.

“Judging by customer reactions to date the MINI JCW GP is set to become an instant collector’s item,” said Mr Bruesewitz.

“Designed and built with performance and race track suitability in mind, this limited edition MINI JCW GP has been reworked from the ground up with years of racing heritage know-how from the John Cooper Works engineers,” he said.

Having lapped the iconic Nurburgring in 8:23 minutes, the MINI JCW GP is the fastest production MINI ever produced.

The light-weight MINI JCW GP features a 160kW race-tuned engine and traction control system with a specific “GP” mode, as well as a bespoke racing suspension and braking system.

The astonishing performance of the state-of-the-art 1.6 litre, four cylinder engine is a result of the cutting edge engineering package and extensive technology transfer from the world of motor sport. Highlights include reinforced cylinder head and pistons, sodium filled exhaust valves and lightweight crankshaft which help the excellent revving capability, whilst Twin-scroll turbo charging, direct petrol injection and fully variable valve control optimises engine responsiveness and efficiency.

A unique aerodynamics package, including underbody panelling to reduce drag, and a carbon rear wing improving down force over the rear axle, also gives the GP edition an unmistakable road-presence.

The driver and co-driver are treated to heated leather Recaro seats with red stitching and a special knee roll for bracing against during spirited driving.

The singularity of purpose of the MINI JCW GP is reflected in the fact that there is just one specification of this limited edition model which cannot be modified or added to, which includes the exclusive Thunder Grey metallic paintwork.

“The appeal for hot-hatch aficionados and track day racers will mean the GP edition won’t sit in showrooms for long so interested customers should move quickly,” said Bruesewitz.

Australian Pricing (MRLP)*

  • MINI JCW GP $56,900

*Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price is shown and includes GST and Luxury Car Tax (LCT – if applicable) but excludes dealer charges, stamp duty, statutory charges and on-road charges which are additional and vary between dealers and States/Territories. Customers are advised to contact their nearest BMW dealer for all pricing inquiries.