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VIDEO: Tesla S v BMW M5

Tesla S v BMW M5

Here we bring you an almost pointless video from Automobile magazine who have lined up a Tesla S and BMW M5 for a drag. But it’s a bit of harmless fun and on paper both manufacturers claim 4.4 seconds are required to reach 100km/h. So let’s see that theory put to practice. Which car do you think will win a straight out drag?

Although, regardless of this result, we think it would be more fun to drive both cars hard around a track or mountain road and see which one runs out of juice first. The Tesla S, with its predicted 480km range (when driven at 90km/h), or the M5 and its 80 litre fuel tank. Bit of a no brainer, perhaps?

3 replies on “VIDEO: Tesla S v BMW M5”

Be prepared for more of these types of comparisons – just shows how much “game changing” potential there is with EVs

GM, Ford, VW and friends should be deeply embarrassed about how far behine Tesla they are with this type of tech. There must be political motives holding them back.

I for one would love driving a giant golf buggy that does excellent skids.

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