Don’t try this in Australia

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BMW M135i autobahn

After impressing the European motoring hacks, the BMW M135i has just hit Australian shores. If you’ve just picked one up, or hope to have a closer look before buying, we suggest you don’t try this on local roads. But it would be fun wouldn’t it!

From the YouTube clip we have for you below the M135i, with 8 speed auto, returns the following results:

  • 0–100km/h: 5 seconds
  • 0–150km/h: 9 seconds
  • 0–200km/h: 16 seconds
  • 0–250km/h: 27 seconds
  • Standing kilometre: 23 seconds

These numbers won’t be completely accurate, of course, but as a rough guide, we’re impressed!

[Thanks to Tim for the tip]