Bernie’s down on “yellowgate” drive

2012 Brazilian Grand Prix

Like everyone else who has an interest in Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone has put in his two bob’s worth on the Sebastian Vettel yellowgate saga, saying “it’s a complete joke.” He expects nothing will come of the controversy and reckons Ferrari should have pulled their heads in.

The FIA is yet to publish an official statement on the Lap 4 incident, when Vettel allegedly overtook Jean-Eric Vergne under yellow flag conditions, but has revealed informally that it believes Vettel has no case to answer.

It’s understood that Ferrari was considering an official protest, but has simply written a letter to the FIA seeking clarification over the issue. Bernie has come in off the long run to sink the boot into Ferrari as well.

“In the rules and regs normally you have to protest. They [Ferrari] missed that time,” Ecclestone explained. “Then there is the fact that a green flag was shown, which nobody seems to dispute. It’s a complete joke. What they are saying in that letter is wrong. I don’t think there needs to be any action taken. It’s completely and utterly wrong.

“Personally I think it’s not really like Ferrari to do this. I think they badly wanted to win. But nothing will happen. What can they do? Take civil action? Maybe. But the case is flawed before it starts. Nothing is going to happen.”

[Source: The Telegraph | Pic: Red Bull/Getty Images]