Red Bull Racing basks in own glory

Red Bull Racing story

Red Bull Racing has sent out this teaser for a self-made documentary which will tell us all about how great they are. And actually, when you think about it, they might have a point.

The team came to being in 2005, picking up the pieces left by Jaguar and Stewart GP. In the years that have followed they’ve collected three constructors’ titles and three drivers’ championships. Those results have been achieved through the collection of 34 race wins, 46 pole positions and 29 fastest laps. It’s an impressive haul, by any team’s standards.

And yet, there’s something about these new kids on the block that doesn’t sit right for many F1 fans. Is it the lack of history? Is it that they seem too cocky and brash? Or is it more to do with Sebastian Vettel’s bloody finger?!

Indeed, were it not for the presence of Mark Webber, who joined the team in 2007, we think most Australians would have less cause to enjoy the success of the team.

Check out the brief preview after the break and tell us what you think of Red Bull Racing and their recent unstoppable success.