The face of Ferrari’s new F70 hypercar

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Ferrari F70 teaser image

This blurry image is believed to be our first look at the new Ferrari F70. The photo was taken at a special display on show at Ferrari’s Finali Mondiali dinner held in Valencia last weekend.

The wording beneath the display reads: “A client focused approach with the most complete range ever.”

The Enzo replacement is expected to produce 900hp from a combination of 7.3 litre V12 and F1-style KERS unit. A carbon fibre tub will help keep the car’s weight down, which could be as low as 1100kg according to some reports.

An F1-like seating position is expected, which will complement the F70’s impressive statistics, and make it one of the best ever street-legal F1 experiences money can buy.

It was thought for a while that the F70 would debut in Detroit next month, but any such ideas were quickly quashed and an official launch date remains a mystery.

[Source: GTspirit]