VIDEO: There is another Italy

The final Gallardo video

It’s probably a good way to find out if a person is a revhead or not: ask them for their first thoughts of Italy. If Lamborghini is in the first few mentions, it’s probably safe to say the person is one of us.

Over the last decade or so Lamborghini has been kind enough to give the world the sublime Gallardo. It still looks as fresh and desirable today as it did back then. But 10 years is a long time in the life of a supercar and Lamborghini is now promising the LP560-4, first shown in Paris, is the final Gallardo.

To that end they’ve published a video suggesting as much, as well as setting up a new website:

Which makes us ponder the thought that Lamborghini’s new model confirmed for unveiling at next year’s 50th birthday bash might be the Gallardo’s replacement. Wouldn’t that be cool!