Lamborghini Sesto Elemento arrives in London

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento arrives in London

A couple of weeks ago this footage was filmed showing the one-off Lamborghini Sesto Elemento being delivered to Lamborghini London.

You may recall we were lucky enough to get up close and personal with this stunning creation at the Australian International Motor Show earlier this year. It’s just a totally magnificent car.

While this example is the only one in the world at the moment, a total of 20 Sesto Elementos are expected to be made. And if you’ve got a lazy couple of million bucks burning a hole in your pocket then we suggest you get in touch with your closest Lambo dealer right now.

Weighing in at just 999kg the spectacular carbon fibre origami creation can reach triple figures in 2.5 seconds. That’s thanks to its 570hp 5.2 litre V10. It has to be one of the most extreme cars money can buy.

Which is why watching this video is often times a little disturbing. On the one hand it is quite refreshing to see how unplanned and low key this delivery was. But we also wonder how these guys might go organising a piss up in a brewery.