Your first look inside the Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C interior

Here’s your first peek at the finished interior of the greatly anticipated Alfa Romeo 4C. Two things strike you at first, the lack of any gearstick at all (which we were expecting) and the exposed carbon fibre tub. For now, we’ll describe that as being on the very cool side of being tacky.

The main instrument panel will be digital, as we’ve previously shown, and steering wheel mounted paddles will help you flick through the gears.

There’s just the one pic for now, which we can’t locate on any of our usual Alfa Romeo press sources. However, Autocar is quoting words from what appears to be an Alfa press release, so we expect to stumble across official info soon.

Apparently, Alfa Romeo says the materials for the 4C have been “designed and built for maximum driving satisfaction”, while the CF tub has been left exposed to “enhance the sense of light weight, technology and uniqueness”.

The 4C will make its full and public debut in Geneva in less than two weeks.

[Source: Autocar]

Alfa Romeo 4C interior