Toyota back in F1 by 2015 using Lexus name?

Jarno Trulli at the 2009 Spanish Grand Prix

Toyota will re-enter Formula 1 in 2015 under the banner of its premium brand Lexus, according to a report on the unofficial Club Lexus website.

The Japanese giant left F1 at the end of the 2009 season amid concerns over the global financial crisis and poor on-track results. However, the introduction of new engine rules in 2014, coupled with a greater reliance on KERS technology, has been enough to lure Toyota back it would seem.

Lexus has proved with its LFA supercar that it can mix it with the best performance cars the planet has to offer. Add to that the numerous hybrid models offered for sale by both Toyota and Lexus you can see why Toyota might want back into F1 using its Lexus badge.

Having Lexus in F1 would also help to counter the increasing profile of competitor Infiniti (née Nissan) following its title partnership deal with Red Bull Racing.

As it stands this story remains a rumour, but Club Lexus states the deal has been discussed at the highest levels of Toyota management and describes entry of Lexus to F1 as “all but finalized”.

[Source: Club Lexus]