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VIDEO: BMW M235i v Lexus IS-F drag race

This video is like popcorn. It’s crap and you know it’s crap. You hate yourself for enjoying it, but you just can’t help yourself. So, then, a six-cylinder turbo down on power up against a free revving normally aspirated V8 with a significant horsepower advantage. A straight line, of course, they’re in the US after […]

Lexus RC coupe previewed before Tokyo debut

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Lexus brings us an official preview of its RC coupe ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. And if you don’t look at the face of the RC it’s not a bad looking car. But you do look at the face, don’t you. You can’t help it. Lexus says the […]

Toyota back in F1 by 2015 using Lexus name?

Toyota will re-enter Formula 1 in 2015 under the banner of its premium brand Lexus, according to a report on the unofficial Club Lexus website. The Japanese giant left F1 at the end of the 2009 season amid concerns over the global financial crisis and poor on-track results. However, the introduction of new engine rules […]

Lexus calls time on LFA supercar

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Lexus always said they would only build 500 of its LFA supercars and, true to their word, the 500th and final model was built last Friday. That’s it there in the photo above, a white LFA Nürburgring package. LFA production has trickled along at around 20 cars per month since December 2010. Lexus hand picked […]

AIMS 2012 gallery: Lexus LF-LC Blue

This is the Lexus LF-LC Blue and it was the car’s world premiere presentation in Sydney. So we figured we’d show it here first under cover so you can imagine “pulling the silk”, as MC Glenn Ridge kept saying throughout the media day. After the break you’ll see more of the LF-LC Blue and while […]

Lexus LFA-based AD-X prototype spied

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Lexus seems to be developing a habit of turning up to the Nürburgring with one-off prototypes that never see the light of day again. Already this year we’ve seen prototypes labelled AD-A and AD-B. Now we’re looking at the AD-X. It looks pretty cool in its Porsche GT3 RS-style colour scheme too. It’s likely these […]

2012 Paris Motor Show in pictures – part 1

The 2012 Paris Motor Show is well underway and for those of us who can’t make it we’ve assembled a photo gallery, which highlights what a blue collar show this has turned out to be. There’s no real theme of haute coutoure motoring here. It’s mostly off the rack bread and butter models. Thankfully, the […]

Lexus LFA blinged up with chrome wrap

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This chrome wrapped Lexus LFA supercar, claimed to be the world’s first, has been revealed ahead of this weekend’s MotorEx show in Sydney. Despite being one of only five 10 LFAs in the country, and sporting this blinged up custom look, the owner wishes to remain anonymous, agreeing only to be identified as “JP”. JP […]

Lexus LFA AD-A prototype nails Nürburgring

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Not content with selling all 500 of the initial run of LFA models, Lexus has been seen back at the Nürburgring, hard at work with a new prototype. At this stage not a lot is known about the car, tentatively titled the LFA AD-A. The AD-A features a prominent fixed rear wing, similar to the […]

VIDEO: Lexus LFA Roadster makes brief debut

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The Tokyo Auto Salon has already brought us the Toyota Prius GT300, and now it’s given us the Lexus LFA Roadster. The topless V10 is seen here in a brief video and, like the racing Prius, there’s no official press material immediately available. Indeed, there’s some suggestion this LFA Roadster may actually be a private […]

Lexus LF-LC named Detroit’s best

The Lexus LF-LC concept has been given the gong for Design Excellence (Concept Category) by the EyesOn Design judges at the Detroit Motor Show. The judging panel consists of retired and active design-related members from both automotive and academic fields. The most recent winners of the Concept Category include the Porsche 918 RSR, GMC Granite […]