BMW M235i to launch facial reconstruction

BMW M235i rendering

With the global success of the M135i you’d reckon BMW’s brief for the 2 Series version would be simple: Take the designers of the 1 Series out the back and give them a good flogging and send the engineers to the pub for some celebratory drinks. And it could just be that that is precisely the approach taken by BMW, if this rendering is anything to go by.

If the M235i does indeed end up looking something like the image above we expect BMW will do well to meet demand. It won’t be the prettiest coupé BMW has ever made, but what we see above is miles ahead of the M135i, regardless of how talented the 1 Series M-lite may be.

We just have to trust BMW that none of the engineering greatness of the M135i is lost by chopping off the rear doors and losing some cargo space. There’s no reason to even suggest for a moment that BMW will stuff that up.

After the break you can see a few spy shots and a video of the M235i in action at the Nürburgring, of course.

[Source: Bimmerpost | Rendering: David Kiss via Top Speed]

BMW M235i prototype, May 2013

BMW M235i prototype, May 2013

BMW M235i prototype, May 2013

BMW M235i prototype, May 2013

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