BMW presents undisguised M235i as peace offering

BMw M235i spied

To all those who have rushed out and bought a BMW M135i, our hearts go out to you. We’re sorry. To BMW, however, we’re thankful. We think it’s wonderful they have acknowledged their sins and offered this very stylish looking—and you don’t know how relieved we are to say that—M Performance 2 Series for its penance.

This is, we’re told, an undisguised F22 M235i, sure it will cost a bit more than the M135i, but what price does one put on one’s own dignity? If nothing else the pleasingly restyled front end may make its way onto future 1 Series models for those buyers who like some spice with their hatchbacks.

Other giveaways that this is the M235i include the gaping front air intakes, the silver wing mirrors, M brakes and M badge on the side fender.

Bimmerpost has the scoop on the pics, so follow the link below for more.

[Source: Bimmerpost | Thanks to Dmitry for the tip]

BMw M235i spied

13 replies on “BMW presents undisguised M235i as peace offering”

Agreed the front end looks better than 1 – but the 1 with M sport looks good too!

This looks more like a mini 3 series now.

Very very nice. Amazing how such simple changes can remedy the sins of the 1 Series so effectively.

So much more appealing than the otherwise excellent M135i.

Makes you wonder how good the M2 will have to be.

It’s smiling at us.

I actually didn’t mind the look of the current 1 series, but it certainly is colour sensitive.

Why are BMW getting rid of the M3 is what I really want to know…. It has been in production since 1983 as the best performance coupé you can buy and still is and now it is being replaced by a M4?. If ANYONE sees a M3 they know it’s iconic. I sort of understand why BMW is doing this but still the M3 should be kept the same and they can still have the 4 series coupe but have the M3 as the best.

The current 1 series 135i Coupe will be iconic similar to the 2002 was, agree that the M235i is more pleasing to the eye than the M135i hatch, but hardly original. Yes a mini 3 series does come to mind, similar to a Polo being a mini Golf…

Current and prior 1 look like Korean designs. They look like the last wrx hatch (lacks design) and just blend in….this looks fantastic and vey much a mini 3series. Well done! Seriously disappointed by how ugly the 1’s are…
New amg sedan and s3 sedans look great too. Merc a little funny up front perhaps..

‘@tiaan, I’d get a CLA45 before the S3 sedan, just sayin’

Nup they’re nowhere near the interior quality. It’s like a Seat inside. The BMW has developed over generations and is a much more refined drive (and car overall).

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