OFFICIAL: Gran Turismo 6 coming soon

Grand Turismo 6 screen grab

The next version of Sony Playstation’s volume selling driving simulator game, Gran Turismo 6, was previewed at a press gathering at Silverstone yesterday. The official word is GT6 will be in stores in time for “the holiday season.” That translates roughly to our spring, we expect, so September some time.

Set to feature over 1200 cars and 33 tracks, including Mount Panorama, it will be the biggest and most complex iteration of Gran Turismo yet.

In their own blog Sony says:

GT6 for PlayStation 3 will see many enhancements, improvements and additions to the game. bringing new levels of authenticity to ‘the Real Driving Simulator’. Features revealed today include stunning new tracks and cars and a much over-hauled user interface. There’s also a new engine which will improve game operation. Meanwhile we are set for expanded connectivity with other devices and increased social and community functions.

[Source: Playstation]