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Reliving the McLaren-Honda glory days


With the confirmation of Honda’s return to Formula 1, we bring you a handful of images from the previous McLaren-Honda partnership where they enjoyed great success together.

In the years 1988–92 McLaren-Honda started 80 grands prix. They were on pole 53 times and won 44 races. A total of eight world championships were collected as well. One for Alain Prost (1989), three for Ayrton Senna (1988, 1990, 1991) and four constructors’ titles for the team (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991).

1992 Canadian Grand Prix


1989 Brazilian Grand Prix


1989 Monaco Grand Prix


1989 Australian Grand Prix


1990 Mexican Grand Prix


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Here’s the difference between McLaren of 88-92 and 2015. Prost and Senna. Enough said.

Awesome photos and commentary it brings back memories when they were racing .

Thanks for the pics.. Cant wait until next year to see the McLaren and Honda back together… It almost makes me not want to watch this year….. ALMOST!!!!

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