Maserati Oh the humanity

Maserati car-bang all the rage in China

Maserati Quattroporte sledgehammered in China

Spare a thought for, or perhaps have a chuckle at, this Maserati Quattroporte owner in China who was so frustrated by the service from his Maserati dealership that he felt compelled to hire four feeble henchmen to smash his Italian thoroughbread to pieces with sledgehammers in protest.

The owner, identified only by his surname, Wang, explained: “I hope foreign luxury car producers acknowledge clearly that Chinese consumers are entitled to get the service that is commensurate with the brand.”

It’s understood Wang’s complaints included the Maserati dealer in Qingdao charging him for repairs, including new parts, even though used parts were used. Wang also claims the dealer scratched his car, to further add insult to injury.

In response the Qingdao dealer took to Chinese social media: “We deeply regret that before the two sides could reach a result via negotiation, the vehicle owner… smashed the world famous car in public… to cause a sensation.”

Wang bought his Maserati in 2011 for 2.6 million yuan (AU$430,000).

[Source: Channel NewsAsia]

4 replies on “Maserati car-bang all the rage in China”

He can always replace it with a Great Wall or Chery, nothing beats local support.

I am not a fan of Maserati, but what a waste. Far too many people in the world have too much money. Maserati wouldn’t care, he had already paid for it, so it’s one less to maintain now. Wang-ka.

what matters is the slap on Maserati’s face, as everybody knows the after sales service for such refine brand is very important to customers, when you pay around half a million dollars you expect an exceptional service in return its a shame to see such car being smashed because of a ignorant Dealer in China, further investigation should take place and the the dealership will be reviewed

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