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Volkswagen Australia responds to Fairfax Media


In a not unexpected development Volkswagen has issued an official response to yesterday’s Fairfax Media article:

Volkswagen Group Australia Response to Fairfax

The coronial inquest regarding the death of Ms. Ryan is still ongoing, we will not comment on the investigation, except to say that we are cooperating fully and the assertion by Fairfax that Ms Ryan’s death appears to have been caused by sudden deceleration is incorrect. There has been no finding of this nature by the Coroner.

There is also no correlation between the inquest, and the customer reports presented in the media regarding issues with diesel engines and DSG transmissions.

The vehicle at the centre of the inquest is equipped with a petrol engine and a manual transmission. Neither of the customer’s interviewed for the story has a vehicle fitted with a DSG transmission either.

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Which customers were they referring to when they said “Neither customers interviewed”? Because Jean Lim, who was quoted in the article certainly had a DSG equipped Golf. I happened to know her and her sister asked for my advice when the issues occurred! Can Ausmotive please write to VWA and ask them to explain that.

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