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What kind of driver are you raising?

The Victorian Government’s Transport Accident Commission (TAC) first made its name in the 1980s and 90s with shocking and confronting television commercials. Here’s a more subtle response alerting us to the example we set for children. From the YouTube description: The truth is that your kids learn more from your behaviour than you think they […]

It can wait

US telecommunications provider has been running the “It can wait” campaign for five years. When the campaign first began it focused on the lives of real people affected by accidents caused while texting and driving. To mark the campaign’s fifth anniversary AT&T has launched this long-form ad that is expertly filmed and reinforces the original […]

Why the Safety Car sucks

I will preface what you’re about to read by saying that the Safety Car is a necessary part of motor racing. This is especially the case on a track like Mount Panorama with its narrow concrete chasms. I would never advocate for the removal of the Safety Car as a concept and as a means […]

Keep your eyes on the road

Volkswagen has produced this excellent piece to warn of the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving. It was presented to cinema goers in Hong Kong and employs a clever use of technology and shock value to get its message across. [Thanks to Mick for the tip]

A lesson on tyre selection

When it comes to buying tyres we’re pretty sure most AUSmotive readers won’t skimp out and will buy something that will provide better than average performance in wet and dry conditions. However, we think it’s a pretty safe bet that you all know someone who does buy tyres on price. Everyone loves a good deal, […]

VIDEO: Other people make mistakes

One of the biggest issues we all face as road users is the ability to self-critique. We all think we’re good drivers. So, perhaps, when we see a road safety campaign we might think to ourselves, “Yeah, but I’m a good driver so that message doesn’t relate to me.” Hopefully, you do have the willingness […]

2013 national road toll falls by 8 per cent

The headline stat from the 2013 national road toll is promising news showing fatalities fell by 8 per cent. New South Wales and Victoria registered record low numbers, with South Australia and Tasmania the only jurisdictions to record an increase compared with 2012 numbers. A total of 1193 road users were killed on Australian roads […]

Stars fail to align for BMW i3

As an all-electric city car the BMW i3 is going to have to deal with its fair share of naysayers and detractors. So word from Euro NCAP saying the i3 failed to achieve a maximum five-star safety rating will come as a blow. Ever since the Renault Laguna was the first car to score a […]

Volkswagen AG announces international recalls

Volkswagen AG issued an international recall notice on Friday which will affect over 2.6 million vehicles worldwide. A total of three campaigns are being run: Tiguan vehicle lights (affecting approximately 800,000 vehicles) DQ200 DSG oil change (affecting approximately 1.6 million vehicles) Amarok fuel pipe (affecting approximately 240,000 vehicles) Tiguans built between 2008–11 will have a […]

Victorian Coroner clears Volkswagen in Ryan case

On Friday Victorian Coroner Heather Spooner delivered her findings into the investigation of the death of Melissa Ryan in 2011. The case came to prominence earlier this year after a concerted campaign from Fairfax Media. Ryan died from head injuries suffered after her car was hit from behind by a B-double semi trailer. The truck […]

And there was heaps of bananas

Driving when you’re stoned, or blazed even, is not a particularly good idea. Sure you might get a few laughs, but deep down you know it’s pretty stupid. As these three Kiwi kids show.

It’s the hot weather, stupid

Volkswagen UK has felt the need to clarify a few things after being asked if they would join countries like Australia, China, Europe, Japan, New Zealand and the United States in carrying out a voluntary recall relating to the 7-speed DQ200 DSG transmission. In short, the answer is: No! “It is a problem that relates […]