Volkswagen XR1 “supercar” on the cards

Volkswagen XR1 rendering

Volkswagen is planning to make a lightweight supercar based on its fuel efficient XL1, according to Car magazine. Known as the XR1, the lightweight sports car has set its sights on the Porsche 911.

Like the XL1 the XR1 will employ carbon fibre body work to help achieve its target kerbweight of 850kg. In order to compete with the 4.6 second sprint to 100km/h achieved by the 911 Carrera the XR1 could use the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine from the Golf GTI. Unlike a 911 the XR1 will be mid-engined.

With such little weight to move around the GTI engine should have the grunt required to propel the £40K XR1 to mid-4 second 100km/h sprints. A low kerbweight would aid improvements in fuel efficiency as well.

To ensure the XR1 can handle its relatively hefty power its wheelbase and width will be increased compared with the XL1 to allow for a more stable and dynamic driving experience.

A conventional side by side two-seat arrangement will also be possible thanks to the increased width, rather than the staggered seating arrangement in the XL1.

As for timing, its understood the project has yet to be signed off for production, so we’ll keep watching this story with interest.

[Source: Car]

Volkswagen XR1 rendering

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Exactly what is supercar at about this, I don’t imagine it will be hitting the bedroom wall of any aspiring motor head anytime in the future. Indeed it looks like a belated attempt to catch up with the Alfa Romeo 4C; 850kg, 4.5sec to 100 and carbon fibre.

Hello and welcome to the conversation VAG. On the upside, I like the lights 🙂

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