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Paris 2014: Volkswagen XL Sport

Volkswagen XL Sport concept

This is the Volkswagen XL Sport concept and if there’s a cooler car on show in Paris, we can’t wait to see it. So what makes this new concept so appealing?

Firstly, it’s based on the quirky carbon-fibre XL1 city car, which we like a lot. But sealing the deal is the Ducati 1199 Superleggera V2 engine stuffed inside that funky body. The “world’s most powerful two-cylinder” is good for 147kW and screams its nuts off all the way to 11,000rpm.

The XL Sport weighs just 890kg and if you can’t put that in the same sentence as 147kW and come up with a massive smile then you’re just no fun at all.

Surprisingly, though, those numbers, along with a 7-speed DSG, only yield a 0–100km/h time of 5.7 seconds. Although, with that low slung body it would likely feel a lot faster. So too the 270km/h top speed.

What a cool thing this is. Bravo Volkswagen, bravo!


Who wants a turn in this Ducati-powered XL Sport?

Volkswagen XL Sport

The Volkswagen XL1 is made for a future where fuel efficiency is mandatory, not just something nice to have. With it’s diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain capable of rationing fuel at the rate of just 0.9l/100km it really will drive your dollar further.

So what are we to make of this XL Sport, then? Addressing students at the Vienna University of Technology Ferdinand Piech, Volkswagen Group boss, presented this aggressive looking project car which throws out all of the miserly principles the XL1 was built on.

The XL Sport is powered by a 140kW V-twin engine nicked from a Ducati 1199 Panigale R and we think it looks like a lot of fun. Remember, the XL1 weighs just 795kg (unladen).

We don’t think this is the mooted XR1 model we reported on back in July, but we’d not be surprised if Projekt XL Sport is the concept on which the XR1 could be based.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about the XL Sport from official channels very soon.

[Source: Bild via Autoblog]


Volkswagen XR1 “supercar” on the cards

Volkswagen XR1 rendering

Volkswagen is planning to make a lightweight supercar based on its fuel efficient XL1, according to Car magazine. Known as the XR1, the lightweight sports car has set its sights on the Porsche 911.

Like the XL1 the XR1 will employ carbon fibre body work to help achieve its target kerbweight of 850kg. In order to compete with the 4.6 second sprint to 100km/h achieved by the 911 Carrera the XR1 could use the 2.0 litre turbocharged engine from the Golf GTI. Unlike a 911 the XR1 will be mid-engined.

With such little weight to move around the GTI engine should have the grunt required to propel the £40K XR1 to mid-4 second 100km/h sprints. A low kerbweight would aid improvements in fuel efficiency as well.

To ensure the XR1 can handle its relatively hefty power its wheelbase and width will be increased compared with the XL1 to allow for a more stable and dynamic driving experience.

A conventional side by side two-seat arrangement will also be possible thanks to the increased width, rather than the staggered seating arrangement in the XL1.

As for timing, its understood the project has yet to be signed off for production, so we’ll keep watching this story with interest.

[Source: Car]

Green Machines Volkswagen

Volkswagen confirms limited production for lean, green XL1

Volkswagen XL1 concept

According to German publication Automobilwoche Volkswagen chief Dr Martin Winterkorn has confirmed the diesel-electric hybrid XL1, revealed at the Qatar Motor Show earlier this week, will be built. It’s due in a couple of years and just 100 are likely to be made utlising the production facilities at Wolfsburg or Dresden.

At a mere 795kg and with a combined fuel consumption figure of just 0.9l/100km the XL1 shapes as being one of the best eco-conscious cars money can buy. But is it likely to be any good, or will it be little more than a meek marketing gimmick? With such limited production plans it looks like Volkswagen is hedging its bets.

However, Autocar journo Hilton Holloway was in Qatar during the week and he had the opportunity to drive the two-seat city car concept. If his thoughts are anything to go by, Volkswagen should feel optimistic. Here are a few of his comments:

“I’ve just been scurrying around Doha in the sole Volkswagen XL1. And although it’s a very early prototype, the concept is clearly right on the money.”

“What was so surprising was that the XL1 felt so safe and secure, despite me having to mix it with wayward Toyota Landcruisers.”

“One other thing struck me. With a bigger motor, the XL1 would probably make the most amazing eco-supercar.”

    [Source: Automobilwoche (translated) via engadget]

    Green Machines Motor Shows Volkswagen

    Qatar 2011: Volkswagen XL1 concept

    Volkswagen XL1 concept

    The oil-rich nation of Qatar; the perfect location for Volkswagen to launch the XL1 concept—a diesel-electric hybrid with a combined fuel consumption figure of just 0.9l/100km and a CO2 rating of only 24g/km.

    The XL1 is the latest iteration of the “1 litre” car first premiered by Ferdinand Piech back in 2002. In 2009 we also saw the Volkswagen L1. Where the XL1 differs from those two is in its seating arrangement. The earlier concepts featured inline seating for two, whereas the XL1 uses a more traditional layout to seat two abreast.

    Powering the XL1 is a mighty 35kW 800cc two cylinder TDI and a fearsome 20kW E-motor. The total range of the XL1 is around 550km, that’s pretty good from a 10 litre tank. In electric only mode the XL1 has a more modest range of 35km.

    The use of carbon fibre and other advanced construction methods helps keep the kerb weight of the XL1 to 795kg. Performance is not blistering, but it’s not too shabby, either, with 100km/h able to be reached in 11.9 seconds. Top speed is limited at 160km/h.

    More after the break, including pics and a basic press release. A more detailed release is available for download as well.