The future of the M5 will embrace all-wheel drive

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F10 BMW M5

BMW M boss, Dr Friedrich Nitschke, says the future of the M5 will include all-wheel drive. However, AWD will be an option only and the M5/M6 will still be available in a traditional rear-wheel drive format as well.

Those wanting all-paw traction for their M5 still have some time to wait. “On our cars we are thinking of all-wheel drive, but it won’t come before we get the successor of the M5 and M6,” Dr Nitschke said.

“That’s the timing and it’s not practical to react in the current life cycles. It would also be an additional option, not the only available model, because a lot of M buyers prefer rear-wheel drive.”

Nitschke revealed at least part of the reason for this move is to respond to the likes of Audi and Mercedes-Benz. “I’ve looked at the numbers and 70 to 80 percent of E63 AMGs are all-wheel drive in the US now,” he said.

Fans of the M3/M4 will be interested in these emphatic words, “The M5 and M6, maybe in the next generation they could get AWD, but not with the M3 or M4. Never,” Nitschke stated.

“To accelerate out of corners with this rear-end architecture concept is so fantastic that it [all-wheel drive] is not needed.”

It’s not the first time we’ve heard M5 and AWD in the same sentence, but the expected time frame for the launch an all-paw M5 has extended.