New Subaru WRX on sale locally in early 2014

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2013 Subaru WRX Concept

Subaru Australia boss, Nick Senior, says the all-new WRX will go on sale in Australia in the first quarter next year. It’s expected the transformation from concept model (pictured) to production model will be revealed at next month’s LA Auto Show.

Speaking to Senior said: “I’ve had the opportunity to drive it and I think it will not disappoint any of those existing customers. I think it will appeal to new customers because of the changes that they’ve made. Everyone’s conscious that we need to widen the appeal [of the WRX], and I’m certain that this car is going to hit the mark.”

It’s understood Subaru Australia wants the WRX to be on sale next March to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the WRX first going on sale in here in March 1994.

“We launched it at $39,990, 20 years ago. It’s [still] $39,990 today—it’s an incredible value for money [story],” Senior added. “But there’s no doubt there’s going to be substantially more kick, equipment and technology, in the new car.

“We’ve still got—fortunately—six or seven months, and we don’t need to lock away pricing just yet… I think we’ve got to realise that there’s a fair amount of kit that’s going to be added to this car.”

So, we can probably expect the price for the WRX will go beyond the $40,000 barrier, but that increase will be offset by extra goodies.

Those of you who prefer your WRX to have the letters STi following will also be encouraged by Senior’s promise you won’t have too long to wait. “Traditionally it’s been a bit of a gap, but I expect a lot less a gap this time—probably only a couple of months at the most,” he said.

All we have to hope for now is that the production car matches the concept as closely as possible, even though there’s some evidence to suggest that may not be the case.