How to make an F1 car: part 4

How to make an F1 car, part 4

Here’s the final episode in Red Bull Racing’s four-part look at how they made their soon to be championship winning RB9.

It’s all about assembly this week and while there’s not a lot of nuts and bolts shown we do get an insight into the massive behind the scenes operation a leading Formula 1 team is these days. It’s quite staggering to see the lengths teams go to to ensure each component is ready for assembly and competition.


Infiniti Red Bull Racing is launching a new mini-series starting today called: The Making of an F1 Car

Split into four short episodes, the series will feature

Using exclusive interviews with team members and showcasing detailed and artistic footage of the intricate procedures required to make an F1 car, this mini-series sees Infiniti Red Bull Racing opening its factory doors to show how an F1 car is made.