The McLaren P1 really sells out this time

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McLaren P1

We don’t mean sells out in the sense that McLaren has loaned out its P1 hypercar to Big Ted for review purposes, or that it’s the subject of a fairy tale Nürburgring lap record, we mean all 375 examples of the 903hp hybrid have been sold.

Which just goes to show that McLaren’s marketing team knows a lot more about the car game than us. As if you needed any proof.

Buyers in all markets around the world, except Europe, had been keen to make fools of us early and they got busy signing cheques ages ago. But the Europeans had to make sure they still had a pay cheque coming in before they could commit to buying the very desirable P1. Which they have now done.

Well done McLaren and well done to the 375 buyers who got their name on an order form. Would any of you like to give us a drive?

[Source: Autocar]