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VIDEO: Chris Harris has a go in the McLaren P1

McLaren P1

Chris Harris is the latest to be given some seat time in the McLaren P1. And we’re very thankful for that, too.

The clip goes for over 28 minutes and the serious business of driving fast doesn’t start until the end of the video. At the start, though, Harris and McLaren’s Chris Goodwin discuss some of the P1’s finer details. It’s much better taking in this conversation rather than poring over a press release.

Driving action begins on the streets of Abu Dhabi and it’s something of a novelty seeing the P1 mix it with Corollas and Land Cruisers. On track the action is as you’d expect. Plenty of sideways, plenty of speed and plenty of superlatives.

That said, we think Harris has described the sensation and enjoyment of driving the latest übercar better in the past than he has managed to do in the P1. Likewise, we were a little disappointed with Steve Sutcliffe’s summation of the P1.

Is there a pattern emerging here? Is the P1 so gobsmackingly out of this world that mere mortals are unable to describe the experience in a manner that gives the audience a reasonable representation of what just happened?

However, we are becoming more certain of one thing. In this world of five-second attention spans where the latest and greatest object of desire barely has the opportunity to create a legacy before it is thrown away, we worry that the greatness of the P1 won’t be given the merit it deserves.

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Epic. Reviews seem to favour this over the 918 – the upcoming Top Gear may help too. When will we see a generous LaFerrari owner lend one out for review? I can understand the contributing factors, but I still find it surprising that fiercely British McLaren will not make the P1 in RHD at all…

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