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BMW M4: M Performance exhaust preview

BMW M4 with M Performance Exhaust

As good as BMW is at extracting performance from the engines it makes it is better at extracting money from its customers. So when you make yourself a new hero car, aka the F82 M4, it doesn’t make economic sense to put the best exhaust you have in your parts bin on the car at the factory.

No, it’s much better to ship the car with a crumby exhaust and then offer up a better one through your dealership network where customers have the privilege of paying you another several thousand dollars for the equipment that should have been on the car right from the start.

All that brings us to this amateur video footage of an M4 being driven by Chris Forsberg during a television commercial in the States. It was reportedly part of a new marketing campaign called M Initiation, which we will no doubt hear more about in good time.

Right now, though, you can hear the M4 with what is alleged to be BMW’s own aftermarket M Performance Exhaust system. Full technical details are yet to be confirmed and there’s talk the exhaust on this car may not match the final production parts. Speculation suggests the system will be made from titanium and be a full turbo-back with catalytic converters in the downpipes. Pricing is expected to be around the US$5000 region.

Whatever, it does sound pretty good.

[Source: Bimmerpost]

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