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2015 Formula 1 car concept drawings

Williams FW37 by Bruce Thomson

Bruce Thomson is an all round good guy. We know this because he hits our inbox from time to time with some seriously cool automotive drawings. Over the last few days he’s been sharing with the world a few illustrations showing how he would like the F1 cars of 2015 to look.

So far he’s given us the Ferrari F15, McLaren MP4-30, the Mercedes AMG W06 and the Red Bull Racing RB11.

If you follow those links then you’ll be treated to much larger versions of these images where you can further appreciate the detail.

Even better, there’s the promise of a Lotus and Williams concept to follow. Keep up the great work Bruce!

UPDATE 11 January: Now with Williams FW37 and Lotus E23 concepts.

Ferrari F15 by Bruce Thomson

Lotus E23 by Bruce Thomson

Mercedes AMG W06 by Bruce Thomson

McLaren MP4-30 by Bruce Thomson

Red Bull Racing RB11 by Bruce Thomson

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Thanks Bruce! Wrt to McLaren, there’s been talk of them returning to red and white, which is obviously the Honda corporate colours. Look at the FB logo of Honda Japan. It hints at the Marlboro triangle red and white look

Hello Bruce:
Great to know you are doing so well. The designs and paintings are great.
It sure would be a pleasure to heard from you. Debbie and David have tried to find out where they could find you to keep in touch. Debbie was just here and was so happy to see your web site. Loved the designs. She follows your works . Love you Uncle Bob & Aunt Jeanetta

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