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You can pick your nose while drifting!

Mercedes-AMG C63S

Just over a month ago Chris Harris gave us his take on the new Mercedes-AMG C63S. We’re not sure how we missed it, but we’re sorry we did.

It’s Harris by numbers, but they’re numbers that work so well. We’re presented with an in depth look at the car, including the interesting bits under the skin.

Respect to the viewing audience is paid by the length of the video. At a touch over 20 minutes it’s not too long. More importantly, it’s long enough to give us a proper sense of the car.

And, of course, with 375kW/700Nm to play with from the 4.0 litre twin turbo V8 engine it’s pretty easy to make the new C63 go sideways. So easy in fact, you can pick a winner while doing it.

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Seeing as the first museum visit on my forthcoming trip will be to Mercedes-Benz, this is probably a good post to end with before I leave.

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