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VIDEO: F56 MINI JCW reviews

MINI JCW review

Filming and committing a car review to video for the world to see would be much harder than it looks. For one there’s critical people like me willing to cut you down while having no comparable experience.

And so, here’s two video reviews for the new 170kW/320Nm MINI JCW that we’re not too sure about.

The first one is from Xcar and aside from the presenter’s manner of adding, annoying and, unnecessary emphasis, every, two, or three words, is not too bad.

Recombu Cars is responsible for the second clip and if you come away from that feeling like you’ve been treated like an ignorant idiot you probably won’t be the first person to do so.

Actually, the first clip is a bit like that too. Aside from that there’s some good detail on the new JCW’s features.

But, a question for both presenters, is it really necessary to deal in so many clichés?

[Thanks to John for the tip]

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