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Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series – Australian pricing

The 464kW Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series will be launched in Australia in July. And, if you want one, you’ll need to scrounge together the small matter of $639,000. That’s quite a lot of money really. But you know the best part? An AUSmotive reader has confirmed with us he has ordered one. Better still, […]

2013 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series revealed

While we were away enjoying the public race tracks of New Zealand’s south island Mercedes-Benz lifted the lid on its SLS AMG Black Series. And here it is! The SLS Black is not quite a match for the GT3 45th anniversary edition, but looking at all the carbon fibre adornments it clearly provided inspiration for the […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series lights my fire

Hmm, that’s not gone well. Remember that Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series test mule we showed you the other day, well it’s just lost a sibling thanks to a nasty fire while testing at the Nürburgring. At first it was thought the fire started due in the engine bay, but a later theory suggests it […]

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 “45th Anniversary”

If you like exclusive limited-run motor cars then Mercedes-Benz has come to your aid with this SLS AMG GT3 “45th Anniversary” model. Only five will be made and you’ll be needing to find €450K to get your hands on one. Mercedes describes the car as an “exclusive collector’s item” and it has been announced to […]

Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series shows its face

Pistonspy brings us a great series of spy shots showing a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series prototype on a testing run. For the first time we get to see the front of the SLS Black with no disguise. Assuming the bodywork we see here is not a ruse, take note of the new front quarter […]

Paris 2012: Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive

Mercedes-Benz has rocked up to Paris with the spectacular looking SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive. They reckon it is the most powerful and fastest production electric sports car ever made. With 552kW and 1000Nm of torque you can see why Mercedes is so confident. All that power comes courtesy of four electric motors, one at […]

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT revealed

Mercedes-Benz has given its SLS AMG a mild warm over and announced a new GT model. AMG’s engine tuners have found an extra 20hp lurking inside the familiar 6.3 litre V8, giving the SLS AMG GT a peak power figure of 591hp (435kW). Torque remains at the original figure of 650Nm. Also receiving attention were […]

Oh yes, the SLS AMG Black Series is coming!

Last month it emerged that Mercedes-Benz was keen to make a Black Series version of its SLS AMG ‘Gullwing’. And here’s the spy shot to prove it. The shot was taken close to the Benz development facility near the Nürburgring. Expect the SLS Black to hang on to its naturally aspirated 6.2 litre V8. Of […]

Mercedes to take SLS AMG back to Black

We welcome news that Mercedes-Benz is set to produce a Black Series version of the SLS AMG. Speaking to Motor Trend about the SLS AMG, Tobias Moers, Director of Vehicle Development at AMG, said “We absolutely have to do a Black Series.” The standard Gullwing model offers 570hp from its 6.3 litre V8. Expect the […]

Chris Harris in an SLS AMG at the Nürburgring

In our second video of the week to feature Chris Harris we take you the Eifel mountains in Germany. There, Harris was driving a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ‘Gullwing’ around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. It was all part of the fun and games you can have at a dedicated Destination Nürburgring track day. UPDATE: Harris has blogged […]

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT5 competition

Imagine if the getting the keys to the awesome Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG ‘Gullwing’ was as simple as being good at Gran Turismo 5. You don’t have to imagine any longer because Mercedes and Sony have teamed together to turn virtual into reality. Only trouble is the competition has been run and won. Fifteen contestants from […]

Jay Leno and the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

The recent Jay Leno European tour has already taken in Wolfsburg and Woking and now the Chambray Chin has sung for his supper at the AMG factory near Stuttgart. He was humming with David Coulthard to the tune of the SLS AMG Roadster. Incidentally Jay, Roger Federer was the first. See, he can still beat […]