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Get the truck out of here!

When teams such as Lotus are crying poor about the costs associated with running a Formula 1 team the last thing you’d think they’d be doing is a stunt like this. Still, it’s fodder for the masses and a great promo for the team’s IT sponsor EMC2. Really, who doesn’t want to see a massive […]

Romain remains with Lotus

Romain Grosjean has announced via his Facebook page that he will remain with Lotus F1 Team in 2015. This season has been one of disappointment for Lotus. They were late to the pre-season party after suffering problems with the new Renault power unit and haven’t really recovered. Next year, though, Lotus will have Mercedes power […]

Incredible F1 Lego MOCs

In the world of serious Lego play MOC stands for My Own Creation and Luca Rusconi aka RoscoPC is king of Formula 1 MOCs. So far he has published 12 designs ranging, from a Lotus 43 through to the Williams FW14B you see above. We’ve assembled a simple gallery below, but make sure you follow […]

Lotus F1 to get Mercedes power in 2015

Lotus is having a crap year in Formula 1 this year. After being underdog darlings in previous years, now they’re just dogs. Their 2014 got off to a slow start following dramas with the Renault power unit. They’ll be hoping 2015 is a lot better thanks to a new deal that will see them race […]

2014 Hungarian Grand Prix in pictures

Determination, courage, pride and, most of all, talent; Daniel Ricciardo has them all. His results so far in 2014 have exceeded expectations and let’s hope that continues for some time yet. You can relive Daniel’s victory in the Hungarian Grand Prix below. There’s over 100 photos on offer and some of them even feature subjects […]

F1 tyres: 18-inch or 13-inch?

Following yesterday’s test of 18-inch wheels and tyres on the Lotus E22, here’s a pictorial comparison of the two wheel and tyre setups. Given the change to a larger diameter format would be done purely because it looks better we’d like to know what you think. Do you prefer the new 18-inch tyres or the […]