2013 Audi A3 Sportback – Australian pricing & specs

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

Audi Australia has just launched the A3 Sportback to the local market. It’s the third generation to arrive on our shores and for the first time is available in a five-door model only.

At launch there are four engine options available. The entry level Attraction specification can be bought with either a 90kW/200Nm 1.4 TFSI from $35,600 or a 77kW/250Nm 1.6 TDI starting at $36,500.

The upper-level Ambition spec also offers the choice between petrol and diesel power, with the 132kW/250Nm 1.8 TFSI or the 110kW/320Nm 2.0 TDI. Both are priced from $42,500.

All come standard with S tronic transmissions, 6-speed in the 2.0 TDI and 7-speed in the rest of the range. A 6-speed manual transmission is available by special order.

The new 8V model A3 may look a lot like its 8P predecessor but it is an all-new model that is slightly larger and quite a bit lighter—up to 85kg depending on the specification.

A full list of specifications and options pricing can be read after the break, complemented by a gallery of over 40 photos and access to the the full Audi Australia A3 Sportback press kit.

Buyers wanting to indulge in the 221kW/380Nm S3 Sportback quattro will have to wait until December. The all-new S3 sedan will follow early next year. Audi says we should expect S3 pricing to start in the mid $60K bracket.

An A3 Cabriolet and plug-in hybrid A3 e-tron will also join the range in the future.


Audi Australia to price new A3 from $35,600

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

When Audi Australia launches the 8V A3 Sportback in May they’ll be starting the list pricing from $35,600. That’ll get you an A3 Sportback Attraction, powered by a 1.4 litre TFSI engine with 90kW/200Nm and a 6-speed S tronic transmission. In fact, S tronic will be standard across the range. Manual gearboxes will be available, but by special order only.

At launch there will be four engines offered, the 1.4 TFSI already mentioned will be joined by a 77kW/210Nm 1.6 TDI under the entry-level Attraction specification. Those choosing the higher Ambition spec will have the option of  a 132kW/250Nm 1.8 TFSI or a 110kW/320Nm 2.0 TDI.

Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system (read Haldex V) will be offered later this year, with finer details to be confirmed at the time. Accompanying that addition to the range will be the Audi Connect system which incorporates, among other things, a WLAN hotspot and Google Earth functionality.

Full pricing and specification for the Australian A3 Sportback range will be announced closer to launch.


2013 Audi A3 Sportback revealed

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

Ahead of its debut in Paris next week Audi has released pictures and information for its new A3 Sportback, codenamed 8V. Based on the three-door A3, first seen at Geneva in March, the Sportback has made good use of its MQB platform and rides on a wheelbase which has been extended by 35mm. Overall the wheelbase is 58mm longer than the previous 8P Sportback.

As is often the way with teutonic styling the look of the new Sportback is very much a case of evolution from the model it replaces. Generally speaking we really like the way the new A3 looks and nothing has changed with the addition of the Sportback to the range. The few nips and tucks applied by Audi’s designers have resulted in a small, but noticeable progression, that is more modern and should help keep the A3 at the top of the entry-level prestige market.

Audi has managed to reduce weight across the Sportback range by as much as 90kg compared to the old model. In real terms, a Sportback with 1.4 TFSI tips the scales at 1205kg.

The A3 Sportback is presented here in S-Line trim and when you get inside the addition of a thick steering wheel with perforated leather should be a nice improvement from the previous gen. We’re not entirely sure the cross stitching on the seats is the world’s best decision, but reckon we’ll need to see it in person before making a final judgement.

With the rear seats up the Sportback offers 380 litres of luggage space, which expands to 1220 litres when the seats have been folded down.

As well as the improved interior space offered by the MQB architecture, handling should be enhanced now that the front axle has been pushed forward by 40mm. All engines are mounted in the usual front-wheel drive transverse fashion, but have been tilted backwards by 12° with the exhaust facing the bulkhead. A better balanced chassis being the aim here.

Of course, much of the rest of the Sportback is sourced from the A3 hatchback and you can read more detail on the Sportback in Audi’s press release below. We’ll also be back to add more pictures.

The A3 Sportback will hit European dealerships in February next year and we expect the Australian launch won’t be too far behind.

UPDATE: Additional text from Audi Australia has been added at the end of the press release. Mid-2013 is the word for the first local deliveries.

UPDATE 21 Sep: A new video and 39 extra pics have been added below.

Audi Motor Shows

Geneva 2012: Audi A3

2013 Audi A3

Audi has released images and details on its all-new A3 model, codenamed 8V. As is the case with most of the major German marques the new model is a clear evolution of the car it replaces. In general terms we think the new A3 looks pretty good and expect it will do well for Audi.

So far we’ve only got images of the 3-door hatchback to show you. We received unofficial word a while back that it’s unlikely Audi will offer the 3-door for sale in Australia. That includes the range-topping S3 as well. We expect to see details from Audi on the 5-door Sportback before the year is out.

It’s also worth noting that Audi has been a bit cheeky with these pics by fitting most of the cars shown with the optional S-line bodykit. Check out the studio pics of the white TDI model towards the end of the gallery below to see what a ‘plain Jane’ A3 will look like.

New technology from the larger cars in the Audi range has filtered down to the A3, which includes things like adaptive cruise control, side assist, active lane assist and traffic sign detection, among others. Full LED headlamps will also be made available as an option at a later date. For now if you want trick lights you’ll just have to make do with bi-xenons and LED tail lights.

The interior of the new A3 is a nice step from the previous 8P model and some of the ergonomic issues of that model have been addressed in the all-new A3. The now dated infotainment system is in desperate need of an upgrade too, so the features in the new A3 will be most welcome.

Although, it’s not what the new A3 has gained that is most impressive, but rather what it has lost. By following this maxim: “The right material in the right place for optimal function,” Audi has shed 80kg from the previous model. An entry level A3 now weighs 1175kg, which is quite good really. The bonnet and front wings are aluminium while a mixture of steel forming techniques has been used to make the rest of the body. Remember, this is the first model to be built on Volkswagen’s new MQB platform so we can expect many more cars from the Volkswagen Group to be lighter in the future as well.

Audi has announced three engines to begin with: a 90kW 1.4 TFSI, a 132kW 1.8 TFSI and a 105kW 2.0 TDI. A 7-speed S tronic is standard equipment in the 1.8 TFSI, while the other models come with a 6-speed manual, although the S tronic can be optioned. As the model range increases so will the engine line up.

The third-generation A3 goes on sale later this year in European markets. Our guess is you’ll be seeing the new A3 in Australian showrooms early next year, following an appearance at the Australian International Motor Show in October. If we hear anything different from Audi Australia we’ll let you know.

There’s a raft of information for you after the break, along with over 50 images. Oh, it looks like those leaked pics were the real deal too.

UPDATE 7 March: On the new A3, Audi Australia says, “Australian launch date, pricing, and specification is not yet available.”