Audi RS3 Sportback priced from AU$78,900

Audi RS3 Sportback

Australian pricing for the new Audi RS3 has not been officially announced but plenty of local dealers will happily sign you up to buy their new 270kW/465Nm hot hatch. When they do the first figure they’ll put down is $78,900, that’ll be the base price, before on road costs.

At first that doesn’t seem too bad; mid-80s driveaway for an RS3 is okay value, maybe. But that’s before you start ticking the options boxes.

One of the two RS Performance Packs offered will add $6490, they include things like bigger wheels and tyres, better stereo, magnetic ride, carbon fibre interior bits and a fresh lick of paint for your brake calipers. If you want some extra driver aids, such as adaptive cruise control, you’ll need to tick the $1600 Assistance Pack.

The RS Design Pack, to jazz up your interior, will add another $1950. And if you want to customise the outside of your new RS3 then the extended styling packs (matt silver or gloss black) up the price by a further $1600.

More usual extras like metallic paint ($1495), crystal effect paint ($2015) and a pamoramic sunroof ($2535) are also likely to prove popular.

All of a sudden you could be looking at a six-figure sum for your growling five-pot quattro. And that’s before you’ve asked about ceramic brakes (front only) or racing style bucket seats.


Audi Video

Audi RS3 growls around the Nordschleife

Audi RS3 prototype

We really like the sound of Audi’s inline five cylinder. It’s a unique growl that heightens the senses. And thankfully it seems Ingolstadt is intent on keeping its famed 2.5 litre five pot in the next-gen RS3.

Here’s a clip of an RS3 test mule being put through its paces around the Nürburgring. The body is pretty much standard S3—look to the A3 clubsport quattro for new RS3 inspiration—but there’s no mistaking this car’s five cylinder heart.

Peak power in the RS3 will have to be at least 300kW (400hp) just to keep people interested, but perhaps, like that clubsport quattro Audi will go well beyond 300kW.

Previously it has been suggested we might see the RS3 this year. Latest guesswork says we should expect the RS3 in Geneva next March. We’ll be waiting!

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Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept revealed

Audi A3 clubsport quattro

“We have pushed the limits in every respect with this show car: power, dynamics, sound, design.”

They’re the words of the impressively titled Prof Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi’s board member for Technical Development. The concept in question is this balls out A3 clubsport quattro. It will be on public display for the furst time at the annual Wörthersee show. And, yes, Audi has indeed pushed the limits.

It’s based on the S3 Sedan, although with those flared guards, aggressive body kit and growling 2.5 litre engine there’s not much of the S3 Sedan remaining.

As is Audi’s wont with its show cars that engine is far from standard. In this case the 2.5 litre five-pot we came to know and love from the TT RS has been reworked to produce a staggering 386kW (525hp). Five hundred and twenty-five horsepower!

According to Audi the concept weighs in at 1527kg and with its 7-speed S tronic and quattro system it can knock off 100km/h in 3.6 seconds.

This show car is likely to be a massive tease, although we can live in hope that the next RS3 may take some of the styling tweaks, if not a fair portion of its totally corrupting power.

Yep, we want one too.


Audi A3 wins 2014 World Car of the Year

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

The 8V Audi A3 has been named the 2014 World Car of the Year, beating a field of 24 finalists which had been narrowed down to three and included the BMW 4 Series and the Mazda3.

On awarding the A3 the grand prize the judges noted: “It might borrow styling hints from its bigger brothers, but the A3 still offers classic, chiseled contours and even better interior trim levels. With a superb choice of engines and 4 body styles, the A3 range packs a hefty premium punch in the small luxury segment.

“Audi should be complimented for making this A3 ride like no other A3. All the old shimmer over rough surfaces has gone, replaced by a silky smooth ride that approaches limousine quality.”

The WCOTY awards are in just their tenth year and Volkswagen Group cars have won the main award six times, including: Audi A6 (2005), Golf VI (2009), Polo V (2010), up! (2012), and Golf VII (2013).


Audi A3 Sedan – Australian pricing & specs

Audi A3 sedan

Audi Australia has rolled out the new A3 sedan across its dealerships and if you’re interested in this car we suggest you pop along and check it out because they do look really good.

Surprisingly, Audi says the sedan shares no body panels with its Sportback stablemate. That would stand to reason given Audi’s attention to detail these days, even on its volume models like the A3.

At launch we’ll have three engine choices to choose from in the three-box A3. A 1.4 TFSI (103kW250Nm) with cylinder-on-demand kicks off the range, while a 1.8 TFSI (132kW/250Nm) and 2.0 TDI (110kW/320Nm) fill the middle of the range. Until the S3 sedan arrives in Australia—it’s not too far away either—the 1.8 TFSI quattro tops off the A3 sedan line up.

List pricing starts at $39,800 for the 1.4 TFSI and goes up to $47,800 for the 1.8 TFSI quattro. A series of option packages are also available and information on these and the full pricing can be seen after the break.

You get the feeling Audi thinks the A3 sedan will do quite well. We wonder if interest and novelty value will translate into sales. Certainly, Andrew Doyle, Audi Australia MD, isn’t hiding his expectations.

“The all-new A3 Sedan is very impressive. It looks powerful on the road, yet sips fuel frugally,” Doyle said. “It offers luxury appointments inside and out, yet it has the sharpest pricing in its segment. Judging by early interest in this new model, we are very confident of its success.”


Want to see the Audi A3 Sedan for yourself?

Audi A3 sedan

The Audi A3 Sedan will launch nationally at the end of the month. But if you’re keen to see one a bit sooner than that you’re in luck, because it will be on display at the Sydney Festival (9–26 January).

On show in the Fetsival Village in Sydney’s Hyde Park, the A3 Sedan display will feature artwork by UK airbrush artist DC Willans and promises to be all very hip and sophisticated. There’s prizes to be won as well, which you can read about in the press release after the break.

Also, while we were off enjoying Christmas Audi Australia released its manufacturer’s list pricing for the A3 Sedan:

Attraction specification level
A3 sedan 1.4 TFSI COD S tronic (103kW/250Nm) – $39,800

Ambition specification level
A3 sedan 1.8 TFSI S tronic (132kW/250Nm) – $44,800
A3 sedan 2.0 TDI S tronic (110kW/320Nm) – $44,800
A3 sedan 1.8 TFSI quattro S tronic (132kW/250Nm) – $47,800

If you’d prefer the faster S3 sedan then you won’t have long to wait. It should be in the country hot on the heels of the A3 sedan, with prices expected to be $1500–2000 more than the S3 Sportback.


Further confirmation the Audi RS3 is on the way

2011 Audi RS3

We already know the next-gen RS3 is coming and that it will be powered by Audi’s charismatic inline five cylinder turbo. Yet in these early stages it’s still nice to see such things reconfirmed, as Autocar reports:

Audi has confirmed a successor to the current RS3 will be launched. Quattro GmbH chief Stephan Reil confirmed the decision to Autocar, saying the new model would rival the Merceded-Benz A45 AMG and would retain its predeccessor’s 2.5-litre turbocharged five-cylinder engine.

[Source: Autocar]


2014 Audi RS3 spied in Nürburg

Audi RS3 prototype

This otherwise regular looking Audi S3 is said to be an early RS3 prototype. At first glance it’s hard to find much to support such a theory, but on closer inspection the front brake rotors are cross drilled and those calipers look very meaty as well.

The honeycomb grille beneath the foglights were open offering air flow to the brakes, whereas the same area on the S3 is blocked off. But the kicker to building the case that this is an RS3 is the reports from those snapping the pics who said the engine note sound much more like Audi’s beloved inline five cylinder turbo than any old 2.0 litre four pot.

Last year we heard the 8V RS3 is likely to come to Australia. Now, with more powerful offerings on the market from BMW and Mercedes-Benz we reckon Audi’s hand has been forced somewhat.

It’s expected the RS3 will be on Audi’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show next March.

[Source: CarScoops | Pic: CarPix]

Accessories & Tech Audi

Audi releases A3 augmented reality user manual

Audi A3 augmented reality user manual

Audi has announced the release of an augmented reality smartphone app for its new 8V A3 which can be used to replace the traditional user manual. It looks pretty cool, simply point your phone to a feature you want explained and before you know it the app provides you with the info. There’s a brief video for you after the break which shows the app in action.

We’re not entirely convinced the app will work as quickly and as smoothly as shown in the video, but we’ll be happy to be proved wrong. Given this release follows the successful rollout of a similar app for the A1, perhaps this 21st century user manual will be better than we anticipate.

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2013 Audi A3 Sportback – Australian pricing & specs

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

Audi Australia has just launched the A3 Sportback to the local market. It’s the third generation to arrive on our shores and for the first time is available in a five-door model only.

At launch there are four engine options available. The entry level Attraction specification can be bought with either a 90kW/200Nm 1.4 TFSI from $35,600 or a 77kW/250Nm 1.6 TDI starting at $36,500.

The upper-level Ambition spec also offers the choice between petrol and diesel power, with the 132kW/250Nm 1.8 TFSI or the 110kW/320Nm 2.0 TDI. Both are priced from $42,500.

All come standard with S tronic transmissions, 6-speed in the 2.0 TDI and 7-speed in the rest of the range. A 6-speed manual transmission is available by special order.

The new 8V model A3 may look a lot like its 8P predecessor but it is an all-new model that is slightly larger and quite a bit lighter—up to 85kg depending on the specification.

A full list of specifications and options pricing can be read after the break, complemented by a gallery of over 40 photos and access to the the full Audi Australia A3 Sportback press kit.

Buyers wanting to indulge in the 221kW/380Nm S3 Sportback quattro will have to wait until December. The all-new S3 sedan will follow early next year. Audi says we should expect S3 pricing to start in the mid $60K bracket.

An A3 Cabriolet and plug-in hybrid A3 e-tron will also join the range in the future.

Audi Motor Shows

New York 2013: Audi A3/S3 sedan

2013 Audi S3 sedan

Audi has released details of the production-ready A3 sedan. You may recall the new-generations A3 was first previewed in sedan, sorry, notchback form at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Basically the Yanks like boots, sorry, trunks, and that’s why we’re seeing the A3 in this format.

However, as the lead pic shows, the A3 sedan need not be the domain of cardigan wearers, because there’ll be an S3 version as well. It’s no surprise that this pair of sedans are pretty much the same as their A3 and S3 hatchback siblings. And that means the S3 sedan gets the full 221kW/380Nm punch we’re already anticipating in the hatch versions.

Australian buyers will also be given the opportunity to get their hands on the A3 sedan, but not until early next year. We’ll have to touch base with Audi Australia to see if that means we can expect to see the S3 sedan as well.

In the meantime there’s the usual gallery of images after the break and they’re accompanied by a host of videos from Audi USA which tell you all you need to know about the A3 and S3 sedans.

Oh, one more thing, an RS3 sedan perhaps?

UPDATE 3 April: Audi Australia has confirmed the S3 sedan will go on sale locally in the first quarter of 2014.


Audi Australia to price new A3 from $35,600

2013 Audi A3 Sportback

When Audi Australia launches the 8V A3 Sportback in May they’ll be starting the list pricing from $35,600. That’ll get you an A3 Sportback Attraction, powered by a 1.4 litre TFSI engine with 90kW/200Nm and a 6-speed S tronic transmission. In fact, S tronic will be standard across the range. Manual gearboxes will be available, but by special order only.

At launch there will be four engines offered, the 1.4 TFSI already mentioned will be joined by a 77kW/210Nm 1.6 TDI under the entry-level Attraction specification. Those choosing the higher Ambition spec will have the option of  a 132kW/250Nm 1.8 TFSI or a 110kW/320Nm 2.0 TDI.

Audi’s Quattro all-wheel drive system (read Haldex V) will be offered later this year, with finer details to be confirmed at the time. Accompanying that addition to the range will be the Audi Connect system which incorporates, among other things, a WLAN hotspot and Google Earth functionality.

Full pricing and specification for the Australian A3 Sportback range will be announced closer to launch.