Another batch of retro F1 joy

We’d never heard of Bruce Thomson until this morning, but we can see he is clearly a good bloke. His blog is chock-full of stunning motorsport themed sketches. Some of the highlights are an ongoing series of retro F1 drawings. Rather than just applying a retro livery to an existing modern design, Thomson has taken […]

Taking F1 liveries back to the future, again

Applying old skool paint schemes to modern day F1 cars isn’t a new idea. But it will always be a very cool idea. We’re sure you’ll agree these creations, published by Escape Artist and based on a McLaren MP4/28, are a great example of retro style. Looking at the Tyrrell 007 livery, for example, we […]

2015 McLaren-Honda livery concept

Hats off to F1 fan Patrick Viola for this livery concept he has created for the return of the McLaren-Honda partnership in 2015. We can’t say we’re really expecting to see a Marlboro-inspired livery to return to F1 tracks, but as far as fan creations go this one looks pretty good. [Source: wtf1 | Thanks […]

Reviving classic Formula 1 liveries

Reviving old skool F1 liveries is becoming something of an art form it would seem. And we’re all the thankful for it. This time clever clogs designer Jeremy Hancox has come up with four restyled liveries from the 1980s and 90s and applied them to a 21st century F1 car. We thank Jeremy and F1 […]

Taking F1 liveries back to the future

Unlike pastel coloured pants, old skool 1980s and 1990s F1 liveries always warm the hearts of those who lived through them the first time. So here’s a few retro inspired liveries applied to a recent Formula One car that we think look the duck’s guts. We can’t tell you too much about the donor car, […]

VIDEO: 1955 Monaco Grand Prix highlights

If you ever needed a reminder of how far the sport of Formula One has come since its inception this highlights video from the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix would be a pretty good place to start. The race was won by the unheralded Ferrari driver Maurice Trintignant. It’s also notable for being the last race […]

Alain Prost F1 image archive

Motorsport Retro brings us another update from the Cahier Archive, this time featuring four-time world champion (and AUSmotive favourite) Alain Prost. Cast your mind back to the 1988 Formula One season. That was the year McLaren won 15 out of the 16 races, obliging a home win for Ferrari at Monza. Under today’s scoring regime, […]

Ayrton Senna F1 image archive

Motorsport Retro brings word of some very tasty archival pics of Ayrton Senna’s racing career. The collection has been sourced from the Cahier Archive and if you follow the source link below you can see more great pics like the one above. Better still, if you check out the Cahier Archive website, you can buy […]

VIDEO: Ayrton Senna’s first Formula One tests

Here is some rare archival footage of Ayrton Senna undergoing his first tests in Formula One back in 1983 when he was dominating in British Formula Three. Senna’s F3 dominance was creating headlines and he was granted testing opportunities with several teams, including Williams, McLaren and Toleman. With driving contracts already in place at Williams […]