Fifth Gear

Fifth Gear – Series 13, Episode 10

my what an ugly butt you haveThis was the last episode in Series 13 of Fifth Gear. The Anglesea shootout was between the early 1990s Ford Escort Cosworth and the early 2000s Ford Focus RS. Interestingly the older Cossie took the honours and was around 1.5 seconds quicker around the track than the RS. Amazingly, and somewhat surprisingly, as seen on last week’s show, my wife’s shopping trolley (Mk5 Golf GTI) is faster than both of these, haha.

It’s new, but it still didn’t keep me awake. Lucky, then, Tiff took the wheel of the new Impreza STi. Well, maybe not if you work for Subaru. He wasn’t exactly glowing in his praise of the car. Seems that, as well as hitting the new Rex with the ugly stick, Subie have hit it with the softly, softly stick as well. Shame.

Jonny filed a report from the Geneva Motor Show (see clip below). I like Jonny, he’s pretty good, and his comments on Toyota were bang on. The new Volkswagen Scirocco looks very bloody nice, even if they did bottle it on the front grille treatment. The Honda FCX Clarity, the first hydrogen powered production car, really is a car the greenies can get all hot and sweaty about and it will be very interesting to track the sales and future of this car.

Tom took us for a spin around some Welsh mountains in a Hummer H3. I hate these cars! For me, they are the definition of a waste of space. Say no more, then.

Tiff and Plato saw out the show in a Stage I MINI Cooper S JCW taking on a Renault Clio Cup. This is more my cup of tea. You can see the clip from the show here. Both of these cars are a hoot an, for the price, the Clio Cup is hard to beat, as the MINI discovered.

So, that’s it. Series over. Thank goodness a series of TopGear shouldn’t be too far away. Check the Final Gear forums for all the latest news on both shows.

Let’s close this piece with a clip from the show. You can see the STi clip pretty much anywhere, so I thought Jonny’s gander at the Geneva Motor Show would be worth showing…