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iPhone Apps – Dynolicious

Never heard of Dynolicious before? It’s an accelerometer-based performance meter that can measure your car’s 0-100 and quarter mile times, as well as make a reasonable guestimate at your car’s power if you punch in an accurate weight. It’s kind of like a G-Tech Pro, which retails for several hundred dollars. But, here’s the killer, Dynolicious is a piece of software that costs just AU$15.99, available through iTunes for use on your iPhone 3G or iPod Touch. If you already have the hardware then you’re miles in front compared to the G-Tech setup. But costing less than a lobster is Dynolicious any bloody good? US outfit Garage419 tested their R56 MINI Cooper S on a real dyno and then did a few runs at their local drag strip. Watch the clip above and see how the iPhone App fared.

Source: MotoringFile

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