Top Gear Australia – Series 2, Episode 3

Top Gear Australia - Series 2, Episode 3

After tonight’s episode I think we can say Top Gear Australia has found second gear. This was easily one of their best episodes and probably the best episode to date. The chemistry with the hosts was smooth, natural and the forced behaviour of earlier episodes was pleasantly absent. I have to again compliment the production crew for their camera work and post-production. They’ve been the stars of Series 2 so far, but the on air talent is starting to catch up.

Warren’s piece with the Maserati GTS was well delivered. Sitting in the back with a champagne flute while The Stig thrashed the Italian sportscar around Oran Park was first class revhead entertainment.

The ute piece with Warren and Steve contained some good natured banter and the guys seemed to be genuinely having fun. Of course, the recipe of cutting up a couple of old bangers to make them something they’re not is nothing new. But if the recipe has the right ingredients, it’s still worth doing. Well done lads, you got it just right with this one.

A regular Top Gear segment formula seems to be stunt car training and James Morrison handled this very well. In both senses. His car handling skills were quite handy, and he seemed comfortable in front of the camera, even when his car was almost at right angles to the road.

Anh Do was the guest and apart from his CONSTANT SHOUTING AT THE AUDIENCE he was good value. A good mix of humour and drama mixed in. Warren’s interviewing seems to be improving here.

So, a smooth, almost slick and thoroughly enjoyable episode tonight. Let’s hope this wasn’t a fluke.

Top Gear Australia - Series 2, Episode 3