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Changes at the top for VW Australia

Volkswagen Australia Managing DirectorsVW Australia brings us news of changes at the top of their managerial structure. Jutta Dierks, Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Australia since 2005, will be heading back to Volkswagen AG in Germany where she will take up the role of Executive Director for the Americas. She will be responsible for Volkswagen’s North and South American sales.

Replacing Ms Dierks here in Australia will be Anke Koeckler. Ms Koeckler joined Volkswagen AG in 1996 and has worked in sales and marketing positions for the Scandinavian, Spanish and German markets. Details of Ms Koeckler’s start date will be announced shortly.

Jutta Dierks Moves to Volkswagen AG Head Office

Volkswagen Group Australia’s Managing Director, Jutta Dierks has recently accepted a position based at Volkswagen AG head office in Wolfsburg, Germany.

In her new role as Executive Director for the Americas, which commences shortly, she will be responsible for Volkswagen’s North and South American sales.

Ms Dierks has been the Managing Director at Volkswagen Group Australia since January 2005. During her time with the company, the Volkswagen brand has grown dramatically in Australia to gain a firm hold in the top ten sales charts, while also expanding its dealer network and vehicle range.

Prior to her current role, Ms Dierks was the Director of Sales in the Northern part of Germany, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at FAW-Volkswagen in Changchun, P.R. of China (2000 – 2001) and based in Prague, Czech Republic as Finance Director for the Volkswagen/Audi importer (1992 – 1996).

Anke Koeckler appointed Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Australia

Anke Koeckler will replace Ms Dierks as Managing Director of Volkswagen Group Australia.

Ms Koeckler joined Volkswagen AG in 1996. During her career with Volkswagen AG she has held various senior Sales positions. She initially, worked in Market Planning responsible for the Scandinavian market and subsequently moved on to Area Management for Spain.

More recently, she worked as Head of Sales Planning and Promotion for Germany and her current position since February 2005 is Director of Sales for Germany’s Northern Region.

Details of Ms Koeckler’s start date will be announced shortly.

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Really don’t Care, AS LONG AS ANY OF THESE Ladies bring the GOLF MK VI GTI ASAP TO AUSTRALIA, then I will be thanking them ALl day/night long.

Just bring the MK VI here already, I’m dying waiting/counting days without my GTI :'(

All signs point to GTI being released before years end around Sept/Oct 😉

Jutta is a lovely lady, very approachable and had a long history at VW Australia… including most successful year since original Beetle in 2008 – I wish her all the best and look forward to new offerings from the local team. The brand deserves better than #10 here… and seems better organised and with more diverse products than Honda, who are consistently higher up the list?!

Have seen an add for the new VW waggon. Send by a friend in Tasmania

Were in Sydney can I see one

Hopefully, Anke Koeckler can pickup the Customer Service Department, who just can’t seem to explain why my Passat CC has been off the road for 17 days with a dealer induced fault that they just can’t seem to repair. My first (and last) VW. Getting the vechicle fixed just seems to be way beyond them and the dealer service team.
Disgraceful performance!

Ms Koecker has just been served with a supoena to supply information to the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal and a summons is following. This action is due to a lemon car that was sold and more then a dozen warranty claims that were not fixed properly by a Austral and Norris Volkswagen. Ms koecker failed to attend the first hearing despite the fact that she was summons to do so and the rep that she sent could not lie straight in bed. Judge stated that if she does not attend the hearing a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Interesting times ahead for VW Australia, the poor customers service team and Anke Koeckeler.

Watch this space and I will update

Can anyone help.

Has there been any development in the case above – listed by Dj on 26th December 2010 where the Qld court directed the VW CEO must attend or be arrested?

I have a similar situation of a $90,000.00 VW where a warranty issue has not been resolved in 2 years.

I have been lied to by VW, By the VW sales place, By a Qld VW distributor and by VW Customer Assist.

I have been slandered by one of VW Australia’s contractors/employees & in this case I have it in writing and a written statement from one of the dealers saying the statment made was totally untrue.

I am sick of it.

Hoping some one can give me an update.

Hoping some one will help

I bought a VW multivan and i have to say this is the most troublesome car i have ever owned! You expect for $80k you should get service and something that is relaible. No end of problems.

My new Golf TDI (only 9 days old) rear window was shattered itself, there was no stones, or tree branches and any unusual objects around the car, and also I don’t see any signs that the window was hit by anything, they also can not see any hit spots.

I have been lied to by VW customer care department and the dealer in Melbourne, the decision of no warranty with this new car is based on their assumption and imagination, not the fact and truth.

My car is still in the dealer’s work shop; I have no car for doing my job now. The poor customers service team and the lies through out Care Centre, Area manager and Dealer service. I will keep fighting and keep updating for you guys.

I give guys the lies example from VW.

A senior Care centre manager from Sydney call me on last Friday, said the Melbourne area manager has already assessed my car last week. But the fact is that the Area manager is coming today (Monday). But the dealer tells me that he didn’t know whether the area manager is coming or not today. You know what he was sitting in the office right now. I was using my phone to record the voice and video to proof that. Please tell me why the VW and the dealer need lie and scare for????????? Is this a genuine costumer service care OR BULLSHIT? CAN YOU TRUST THEM!!!

Be ware VW warranty and service if you want to buy and VW car because they take no responsibility at all. Its horrible from my experience -I only drove new golf for 9 days, and than 11 days in their garage. I am still wait for VW response.

As an owner of a Mk6 GTI, I can only PRAISE the warranty work done by VWA and, Gerald Slaven VW in Canberra. A camshaft oil leak and leaking water pump, it was fixed. Simple.

Jim, good luck.

I would be better off buying a Peugeot again…….lesser niggles with the French marque.

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