For sale – Bugatti Veyron #001

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Bugatti Veyron

With the Global Financial Crisis and all that hyper cars are selling for a mere portion of their true worth. Naturally, the exceedingly and obscenely wealthy are not even fazed by a minor correction like the GFC. And so it follows that the exceedingly expensive cars do not have their values affected by such trivial inconveniences.

At least, that’s the theory taken by the LA based Bugatti Beverly Hills dealership who have for sale the first Bugatti Veyron. That’s right, chassis #001 of 300 can be all yours. There’s not many cars where the ability to empty its fuel tank in just 12 minutes is a selling point. But for this example, with less than 650kms travelled, that’s just what the dealer has done.

Usually, if sir has to ask then sir can’t afford, but in the interests of passing on the information this Veyron can be all yours for a tiny US$2.4M or, even better, if you’re paying in Aussie dollars you can really impress you mates at the RSL by telling them you paid a cool $3M for your new runabout.

[Source: TopGear]