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On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair

Ferrari California

…warm smell of policemen, rising up through the air.

Media outlets in Western Australia are reporting the story of a brand new Ferrari California being impounded under anti-hoon laws. The car is one of just two in the country and is part of Ateco Automotive’s press fleet, in WA for media testing.

According to Perth Now the lure of opening up the California’s 338kW V8 was too much to resist for Financial Review motoring hack Rob Easdown. It is believed Mr Easdown was clocked speeding at 231km/h. According to reports the offence took place near Toodyay, in the Western Australian wheatbelt.

WA Police have impounded the $470,000 Calfornia for seven days. Oops!

[Source: Perth Now & WA Today | Thanks to Matt for the tip]

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This happened on Julimar Road which is a favourite with many car clubs. It is undulating and winding and very tempting.

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