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Steve Pizzati plays a bit of roly poly

Steve Pizzati rolls his Aussie Racing Car

Top Gear Australia host Steve Pizzati—the Australian Hamster—got himself into a spot of bother last weekend when he tried barrel rolling his car during Aussie Racing Car event. Needless to say the ordeal ended in tears, or more accurately, a “humdinger of a headache and a sore neck”.

The crash happened at Sydney’s Eastern Creek where Pizzati was racing as a guest in a support category for the Australian Superbike Series.

Fortunately he sustained no major injuries.

Not to be outdone, the original Hamster and Top Gear UK presenter, Richard Hammond, had another bingle on the weekend too. Hammond was uninjured, but his horrible Morgan AeroMax didn’t fare quite so well.

[Source: Daily Telegraph | Thanks to Tiaan for the tip]