BREAKING: MINI Speedster images leaked

MINI Speedster

Today is the 50th birthday of the Mini. German publication Autobild has celebrated the milestone by breaking the embargo on images of the new MINI Speedster concept. Today we have photographs, but the car, officially called the MINI Coupé Concept, will be revealed in full at Frankfurt next month.

Looks pretty cool, hey. There’s a few more pics after the jump, or you can check out the detailed post at MotoringFile.

[Source: Autobild | Thanks to Chris for the tip]

MINI Speedster

MINI Speedster

MINI Speedster

MINI Speedster

5 replies on “BREAKING: MINI Speedster images leaked”

That roof needs a Kangol emblem on the side!

Looks pretty cool tho!
Side on shot looks the best imo.

Kangol! haha…Looks cool…Also looks like only people under 5’5″ will be able to fit in it!

Vey nice indeed! But is it a speedster or a coupe? Looks like a speedster to me, which means the roof must come off!

obviously this is the gay mans model given the white roof, but all black.. this makes me nod.
And wayne look up your mini history again my friend at least this time the name fits the model unlike the clubman..

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