This one’s gonna bruise

Koenigsegg CCX crash

The New York owner of this Koenigsegg CCX has just lived through his worst nightmare. His car was crashed by somebody else. Y’know, it would be one thing if a thief stole the car and crashed it. You don’t tend to trust a thief all that much, so as difficult as it would be, you could probably still deal with that scenario.

Imagine, then, how hard it would be to reconcile the situation if it was some schmuck from your local Koenigsegg dealership that did this to your pride and joy. It gets worse, too. Not only did the prize clown do that to the CCX, he also took down a Porsche 911 GT2 in the process.

Perhaps the only satisfaction from this ordeal is imagining how tight the sphincter of the culprit would have been when he made the phone call to the car’s owner. Ouch!

[Source: TopGear via WreckedExotics]