Party on, Wayne!

Click here to buy Jonny Smith's AMC Pacer

Wow! What a totally amazing, excellent discovery! Jonny Smith, former Fifth Gear presenter, is trying to sell his 1975 AMC Pacer. You know the car, it’s like the one featured in Wayne’s World and, if my memory serves, is the only car ever made to have different sized driver and passenger doors. Yeah, odd, huh.

So, what’s not to like then? Here’s a chance to buy a genuinely odd ball car, from one of the best presenters to come out of Fifth Gear. It probably does help if you’re based in the UK, but Jonny’s ad says international bidders are welcome.

He’s just had his TV show cancelled, he’s already “sold” the car via eBay once—only to be cocked about by the time-wasting buyer—Jonny could do with a stroke of good fortune here. The online auction ends on Sunday, so help Jonny out—buy his Pacer today—it would be a most excellent thing to do.

[Source: eBay via twitter]