What would you say to a front-wheel drive BMW?

BMW 135i

Speculation about the possibilities of a front-wheel drive BMW have been circulating for a while now. That theory is only set to grow according to a report in Autocar that quotes a BMW source as saying the company could “break with tradition”.

BMW and PSA Peugeot Citroën are in discussions about devleoping future joint ventures. Currently the two parties share the four cylinder engines found in MINIs and Peugeots. And the German-French alliance is also working on a modular front-wheel drive platform which would be shared among various MINI, Citroen and Peugeot models.

But it is the admission from a BMW insider that a future 1 Series could also use this front-wheel drive platform that will rattle a few cages, “Nothing is concrete at this stage but discussions are on-going about whether or not BMW should break with the tradition of rear and four-wheel-drive cars.

“For many in this company it is a taboo subject. But we have to be realistic with the targets we have set ourselves for fuel consumption and emissions, and they clearly favour a front-wheel-drive solution for 2018.”

On the one hand many 1 Series buyers may not know, or care, if their car is driven by the front wheels. On the other hand, though, it would mark a massive shift in philosophy for BMW who heavily marketed the 1 Series rear wheel drive benefits when it was first launched.

The prospective timeframe is still quite a long way off, and if it did come to fruition it appears there would be plenty of time for BMW to soften their stance on FWD platforms. But, what do you think, would a front wheel drive BMW appeal to you, or is the mere thought something you cannot contemplate?

[Source: Autocar via BimmerFile]

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i would say “get f’ed”! i thought it was bad enough when they introduced the x5 and x6 into the M range and now they’re phasing out the NAs in favor of lazy turbos. whats next BMW? getting rid of the kidney grill and round headlights?

Mark, I really don’t understand people who complain about X5/6M. What, did M suddenly stop making making M3s when they introduced the M SUV? No, it just helps them capture a bigger market share away from Porsche and Mercedes. And if you are really such a M purist, you would know that the light weight no frill M has long been dead, ever since the E36 if not even the E30! I mean, how much of a tradional M car is a M6 vert? I reckon a X5M would give it a good run for it’s money.

What would I say if BMW introduced a FWD?

I’d call it a mini (or bini).

Been driving one for a while now. Seriously, what is the difference between a mini and a pared down 1 series that is FWD?

FWD BMW, for 99.9% of their market wouldn’t make a difference. And yeas Robbo, they did manage to get it right with the Mini !

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