McLaren MP4-12C Configurator

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

McLaren are pushing their MP4-12C supercar pretty hard. And that’s not pushing the performance envelope, either. While they are doing that, no doubt, they are also hyping this car and making sure it remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Remember, the 12C isn’t due for customer deliveries until early 2011 (or possibly late 2010).

The most recent method of hyping the 12C is to launch a configurator on the McLaren website. It’s just a bit of hit and giggle at the moment, especially as no pricing has been announced. However, it is quite a bit of fun. You can select paint colour, minor exterior trim detail as well as wheel and brake packages. Inside you can fiddle around with seat fabric colour and infotainment equipment. Oh, the track data option is a must, naturally.

More pics and a press statement after the jump. Including the obligatory opportunity to roll out Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

After the press release I’ve also included a few screen grabs of my preferred option. It’s got Titanium Silver exterior colour, with super-lightweight forged alloys. There’s carbon ceramic brakes, too, with the calipers painted in McLaren Orange. And to set it off on the inside there’s a mix of leather and alcantara. What do you think? Let us know your options in the comments section below.

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

New McLaren MP4-12C configurator launched online at

  • Jenson and Lewis build their dream 12Cs at

  • Customers able to specify unique ‘Driver Zone’ cockpit

  • Traditional ‘McLaren Orange’ available at launch

‘Designed around the driver’ has been the prevailing concept for the MP4-12C. From 31 March 2010, future customers and sports car enthusiasts alike are able to put themselves in the driving seat of this truly innovative new high-performance sports car and specify their ideal 12C using an interactive online car configurator at

Having driven 12C Experimental Prototype (XP) vehicles, and made an appearance at the recent launch of McLaren Automotive to the world’s media, 2009 Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button and 2008 World Champion Lewis Hamilton were keen to be the first to specify their ideal 12Cs. Visitors to will see the team-mates interacting with the online configurator for the first time in a new short film.

The configurator was developed using data obtained from theMcLaren Automotive design and engineering teams at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. The 12C configurator will link to McLaren Automotive’s 35 retail outlets in 19 countries across the globe when retailers are appointed from May 2010 and brings McLaren’s innovative automotive technology closer to its first customers. It allows them to enjoy specifying their preferred 12C options from a range that literally offers millions of combinations.

A choice of 17 different high-grade exterior paint finishes begin with Blue, Silver and White available as standard on the 12C. A further eight may be selected from the Special range of finishes, which includes McLaren Orange, a solid hue which was the signature colour of McLaren race cars in the 1960s and 1970s. A choice of six Elite exterior colours is available for buyers seeking the very highest quality paint finish on their 12C.

Unique to the 12C is a ‘Driver Zone’ interior option. In addition to combining Alcantara, leather and carbon inside the cabin for both driver and passenger, owners are able to further personalise the area immediately around the driver. A choice of five leather trims can be specified solely for the driver’s seat, door trim and dash insert and the resulting asymmetrical appearance enhances the driver-focused ambience of the cockpit.

Performance upgrades include a lightweight sports exhaust system, carbon ceramic brake discs, polished-finish calipers and two different lightweight forged wheel options. Mirror casings, engine bay panels and engine covers are all available in carbon fibre.

In the centre of the cabin, the 12C’s portrait touch-screen gives driver and passenger access to a bespoke on-board entertainment, media and communication system. The 12C features a Meridian two-channel, four-speaker sound system, 40GB hard drive with media player, AM/FM radio, electronic user manual and Bluetooth telephony. USB, PDMI and audio jack ports allow media player connection, with support for Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune.

The McLaren-developed IRIS option is available as an upgrade to the telematics system and allows use of voice control to access a navigation system while driving. Hard drive capacity increases to 80GB, while users can access a picture and media viewer and email. WLAN connectivity allows owners to remotely transfer music and other data files from a laptop or PC when parked within range. The IRIS option includes a seven-speaker Meridian surround sound system.

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

McLaren MP4-12C configurator

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Haha, I think I chose exactly the same colours and trim when playing around with the configurator last night. The more I get to look at and play with the 12C, the more I like it. Apart from the name.

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