Flaming heck

Audi TTRS v R8 V10

The Audi TT RS and the R8 V10. Two very, very nice cars. Most readers would pick the R8, right? But what if you could only muster the cash for the slighty oddball five cylinder powered TT RS, would you really be missing out on that much?

In rough UK numbers the R8 V10 is £100K, the TT RS around £50K. So, there is, obviously, a huge discrepancy in price. In Aussie dollars the numbers look even more insane, the R8 V10 starts at $350K, that’s heading towards triple the asking price of the $135K TT RS. Does the mighty R8 have the performance to justify its massive gap in asking price compared to the TT RS? That’s a question Steve Sutcliffe from Autocar asked. You can watch his answer in video form after the jump.

[Thanks to Timbo for the tip]

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I’ve driven it. It’s worth every cent of the 3 times and it’s a bargain compared to the Gallardo. Bang for buck comparison is irrelevant. If you want that, buy a GT-R.

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