Don’t cry for me Argentina

Hummer H2

So, what does the title of one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best known songs have to do with Hummer? Well, there’s about as much relevance there as there was of Hummer being a legitimate option in the automotive marketplace. In case you’ve missed it, earlier this week came the unsurprising revelation that General Motors could not find a willing buyer for the Hummer brand. This led the once mighty US car giant to commence winding down the SUV marque. My question to the readers out there is, does anyone really care?

I feel for the families of any workers that may be affected through job losses, but really, the Hummer was the best example of the worst aspects of the American car industry. It was a big fat ugly waste of space, and they take up a lot of space, too, that only seemed to work in blinged up junk time over produced “rap” videos.

Still, I guess we have much to thank GM for with their decision to remove Hummer from the automotive landscape. All of a sudden the car industry is a better place.