Webber talks Turkey

Mark Webber

One of the drawbacks of being an F1 driver is the constant demand for feeding the media machine. I’m sure the last thing Mark Webber wanted to on Sunday night was talk about the events of that race earlier in the day. But that’s what he did and the video from the Red Bull website can be seen after the jump.

As well as the video Webber has also filed a report for his regular column in the Daily Telegraph. Webber is keen to sort things out with Vettel and move on, “Seb and I will sit down and have a chat about it because we need to avoid costly slip-ups like this in the future. We’ll probably have a difference of opinion about what happened on Sunday until we go to our graves, but we’re both adults and we need to find a way of racing together that doesn’t compromise the team.

“If we’d been fighting for 18th and 19th positions when this accident occurred, no one would have cared; as it was, we were fighting for the lead and it’s all anyone wants to know about.”

Also posted to the Red Bull website is a new Q&A article with Christian Horner. It’s pretty much the cleared propaganda version of events. A situation perfectly highlighted by this response to a question asking why Webber was blamed for the crash, “Ultimately we win as a team and we lose as a team and on Sunday we lost as a team, as a result of our two drivers having an incident. Having looked at all the information it’s clear that it was a racing accident that shouldn’t have happened between two team-mates. After looking at all the facts that weren’t available immediately after the race, Dr. Marko also fully shares this view.”

Talk about saying a lot without actually saying anything. Included after the video below is an open letter from Mr Horner.

One thing is clear, Webber has generally handled himself with dignity in the aftermath of the Turkish Grand Prix. For his sake, let’s hope a good result in Canada will have the F1 world talking about the good things he and the Red Bull Racing team can achieve.

An open letter from Christian Horner

You may have already read on the team website my answers to some of the important issue which were raised after the grand prix on Sunday. I do however want to address you, the fans of Red Bull Racing directly.

There has been a lot of criticism on the sites and within the Community and while I can’t answer every point, there are some which need to be addressed.

Firstly, the accident itself was a racing incident. We have two very capable, very determined drivers in what has proved so far this season to be a very quick car. With the McLarens putting immense pressure on our two drivers Mark and Sebastian reacted the way you would expect racing drivers to respond: they raced each other. This has happened many times between them over the last 18 months, and previously they abided by what we have always asked: that as team-mates they show respect for each other and allow one another enough room on the race track.

Secondly as far as blame goes, we win as a team and we lose as a team and on Sunday we lost as a team. Having looked at all the information it’s clear it was a racing accident that shouldn’t have happened. After looking at all the facts that weren’t available immediately after the race, the entire team, Dr Marko included, fully shares this view.

Thirdly we now have to re-group. We are a strong team and we’ll sit down and discuss what we can learn from this incident. We have immense team spirit here at Red Bull Racing, both Sebastian and Mark are intelligent individuals and we will have the situation resolved before we go to Montreal.

And finally as I have always pledged, both drivers, will continue to be given equal treatment. The Turkish Grand Prix has been a costly lesson for both drivers and we are confident that this situation won’t happen again.

We still have a long way to go this year until Abu Dhabi and whichever Red Bull Racing driver you’re behind in the fight for the world championship, I hope we – and they – can count on your support,


[Source: Red Bull Racing]